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19-Year Old Man Dies in Hit and Run Collision in the Bronx

19-Year Old Man Dies in Hit and Run Collision in the Bronx
19-Year Old Man Dies in Hit and Run Collision in the Bronx

A young man was visiting family in the Bronx this past week when tragedy struck. 19-year old Quejuan Franco lived in Orlando, Florida. He had moved there from New York about 3 years ago. He was in New York to celebrate his birthday and visit his uncle.

Franco had gotten a new red, Suzuki motorcycle for his birthday. He rode it all the way from Florida to try it out. While traveling in the Westbound lanes of Waterbury Avenue, the young biker ended up crashing into the front-end of another vehicle.

Richard Alvarez was driving his minivan in the Eastbound lanes of Waterbury. He had come close to the double yellow lines and was dangerously close to crossing the centerline. For some reason, Franco crashed head-on into the front of his car.

Rather than wait for the police to arrive at the scene, Alvarez took off. He likely did this because he didn’t have a license at the time of the accident. He ended up turning himself in the next day. He has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident as well as driving without a license.

The crash happened between the corners of Cedar Street and Elm in Yonkers. It was about 4:15 am on August 29th. Franco was taken to hospital and managed to survive two whole days before he was taken off life support. The hospital had told his father that he would not be able to survive without the help of the machines.

The family of the victim will likely have a wrongful death claim against Alvarez. The police confirmed that the initial charges against the other driver may be upgraded.

If you or your loved one are hurt in a motorcycle accident in New York, contact our office right away.

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